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“The Full-Body Balance Solution” Learn More


Safe and accessible to everyone regardless of age, balance is the key of this amazing Program with this unique Balance Board ! Choreographed to music, the workout is Fun and Efficient with a lot of modifications for the best experience !

D-ring for Resistance Tubes Connection
Comfort Pad
Center of B-BOARD®
Easy to Inflate
Easy to Store


“Everyone can benefit from B-​BOARD® !
B-BOARD® targets a great balance as the centerpiece for advanced strength and physical training. B-BOARD® is a fantastic workout that challenges both static and dynamic balance. This multi-directional workout has a number of benefits for your health, beyond the cardiovascular and metabolic aspects commonly associated with exercise.​ If the body is trained to be more reactive to imbalance, mobility​, posture and performance improve seriously.
It’s a ticket to discover a stronger body – no matter your age.”

Vincent Grosdemouge
Osteopath DO, MSc in Human Movement Sciences with extensive experience in sport injuries and human performances. From the recreationally active to elite, competitive athletes, Vincent provide specialized care to help his clients perform at their best, and successfully achieve a healthy, active lifestyle (