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Safe and accessible to everyone regardless of age, balance is the key of this amazing Program with this unique Balance Board ! Choreographed to music, the workout is Fun and Efficient with a lot of modifications for the best experience !

B-BOARD BOOST is a Full Body Workout combining different fitness technics and balance that will boost your metabolism and engage your core muscles harder than on stable ground optimizing your results. Choreographed to music, B-BOARD BURN is a 45 minute fun workout. Modifications will be provided by the Trainer helping you to achieve your goals.

“Everyone can benefit from B-​BOARD !
B-BOARD targets a great balance as the centerpiece for advanced strength and physical training. B-BOARD is a fantastic workout that challenges both static and dynamic balance. This multi-directional workout has a number of benefits for your health, beyond the cardiovascular and metabolic aspects commonly associated with exercise.​ If the body is trained to be more reactive to imbalance, mobility​, posture and performance improve seriously.
It’s a ticket to discover a stronger body – no matter your age.”